«At the beginning the sky had no name»

The first morning of the world, made rosy by a dawn, which tenderly wrapped not completely solidified rocks, with a sky in fieri (but it had no name), had to be just as Beppe D'Auria's instinct and pictorial sensitiveness show it.
Probably the eternal exclaimed pleased: «All that is good and beautiful!» and,
satisfied with this initial considerable result, he kept on with his work.
In the sinking and malleable magma, there appeared the first experimental plastic
attempts in order to find human anatomies, to be accomplished in subsequent
programmes of work and then, made decisive, functions or, as much as possible,
perfect. Jod, the male eternal principle, blended with Evé, the female eternal
configuring Jehvé (Jahvé) or life and perfection, later turning into Jèova (Gèova) and, in the classical age, into Jove, noumenon and phenomenon at the same time.
But the extreme delicacy of such primordial landscapes dreamt by D'Auria struck and stirs up deep thoughts, unseizable because diluted in the long-lived waters of the inexpressible.
They are Freudian meditations transferred to the picture, in an abundance of colours and vanishing shapes the thought becoming matter: the inexistent past, the future still in germ.
Nevertheless the artists main virtue is that he has been able to grasp the difficult
moments of becoming (that perhaps, from a psychological point of view, belong to him) with an effective punctuality, besides, he has neared us, men of low dimensions, the interior conflict of the Supreme Mind struggling, then, in the eternal drama of creation.

Mario Guaraldi 1986